Behind The Scenes Of Snow Days

Julian Brenman ’20 Sleeping in late, sledding, sitting by the fire, what could be more relaxing than a snow day? Well, for Mr. Craig Sellers, Head Of School, and Chief Snow-Day-Decider, the process of determining weather or not school will be closed is anything but chill. When word gets out […]

A Message To Stage Crew

Sydney Kaplan ’18 To outsiders it may just look like Stage Crew builds things, but to many, it’s much more. Sense & Sensibility, Midsummer, Infinite Black Suitcase, Pippin… Through these productions, Stage Crew has given me a voice. These shows have led me towards some of the most incredible people, and […]

What Can One Little Drop Of Blood Do?

Julian Brenman ’20 Most people loathe needles and would do anything to avoid getting a shot at the doctor’s office. So, why did a room full of members of the Friends’ Central community volunteer to have needles inserted into their arms on Thursday, March 2nd? Well, last Thursday was the […]

5 Ways To Put The WIN In Winter

Julian Brenman ’20 We have chapped hands, people are sick, and this article about winter is long overdue. Though the list of reasons to be in despair about the chilly season could be eternal, keep reading to discover five ways to make the best out of this cold spell. 1) […]

So, You Want To Be An Actor?

Julian Brenman ’20 The glamour, glory, fame, and fortune…who wouldn’t want to be an actor? Before you commit to auditions, and sell your heart away to the theatre (which you may want to do), read this article. I have consulted four theatre professionals; Ashley L. Kerns, Kerry Butler, Ryan Silberman, […]

Nine Ways To FALL In Love With Autumn

Julian Brenman ’20 Though many of us neglect to admit it, the weather has gotten colder, and fall is here to stay. For many people, the change in the air may bring dismay. However, below you will find a list of eight ways to make the best of this beautiful […]

Panama Papers

Junyan Ge ’17 Leaked Files Reveal Huge Secrets about Heads of Government Several days ago a leak of secret files shocked the world: 11.5 million unexposed documents were revealed in which many leaders of states and some of the world’s wealthiest people have been recorded investing in offshore companies in […]


Josh Benjet ’16 The news cycles have been inundated with coverage of the primaries going on around the country. What the primaries come down to is a giant math problem to get the nomination for president. Both the Republicans and Democrats have different ways of holding a primary and every […]

Where To Go: Theme Parks

Evan Paszamant ’18 When I think of summer I think of a few things. I think of no school, warm weather, hanging out with friends and family and on the top of that list, visiting theme parks. Along with many others, I wait anxiously for the spring/summer theme park season. […]