School News

Diverse Books Conference

Josh Benjet ’16 On Sunday November 15th Friends’ Central hosted a diverse literature conference. The focus was on books with main characters that are underrepresented in young adult literature. There were two main panels:  Moving Pat “girl” books and “boy Books: Representing the Rainbow and Writing Our World: The Author’s […]

Outdoor Adventure Club

Annabelle Harden ’17 I have always had a great passion and love for the outdoors and anything to do with it.  I am greatly appreciative of any time when I am able to get outside and explore the world.   Typically the summer is when my adventuring happens… I love […]

Sense and Sensibility

Evan Paszamant ’18 What to do, what to do? The weekend is approaching and you’re looking to do something fun and relaxing. You are taking a break from the chaos, stress and time consuming work of the school week and finding something exciting to do that doesn’t involve the words […]