School News

Student Singers Take Center Stage

Lisa Green ’20 Last Tuesday night, after months of preparation, Upper School Vocal Ensembles took the meeting room stage. The concert was led by Ms. Michelle Zuckman, our incredibly talented music director & conductor, who always brings energy, fun, and dedication to every rehearsal. Ms. Zuckman was joined by everyone’s favorite […]

PiPPiN: A Glorious Success

Julian Brenman ’20 On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 7, and on Saturday afternoon at 2, there was no place more lively and exciting to be than in the audience of the the Upper School winter musical, PiPPiN. The performance directed by our own Terry Guerin; music directed and […]

No Lunch-Eater Left Behind!

Julian Brenman ’20 No matter how many friends you have, how popular you are, or how much you love your classmates, chances are, there has been an instance in which you have felt uncomfortable in the dining hall, if/when you didn’t see any “friends” to have lunch with. For some […]

Competition Math Is On The Right Path!

Julian Brenman ’20 Though we all adore our math teachers, some of us would sacrifice a limb to be excused from their classes! However, this isn’t the case for Samuel Weiss ’17, Jiwei Cheng ’17, Harrison Burdge ’17, and Neil Goldader ’17, the members of the mathematical modeling team. Not […]

Got School Spirit? Well, Let’s Hear It

Julian Brenman ’20 With a broad spectrum of theme days, spirit week is an all time favorite event for many students and teachers. FCS spirit week will begin this Friday, January 13th with “twin day” — a perfect opportunity to match your wardrobe with friends. We will resume the festivities […]

A Day ON, Not A Day OFF!

Julian Brenman ’20 With exams, homework, sports, and arts, a day off from it all seems as appetizing as a dove bar. As you know, Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. enhanced the country in so many wonderful ways, and his legacy is still relevant today. So, to honor him, each […]

FCS Baseball

Robbie Winward ’17 The sun is out and the smell of baseball is in the air. If you’ve heard the leather clap of a glove or metal cleats on the pavement, you know baseball season is here. Although not meeting its own expectations last year, the FCS varsity baseball team […]

FCS Statistics Projects

Josh Benjet ’16 We have all seen the stat surveys sent out by Mr. Morris’ Statistics classes in the past months. We see the emails but we never really get to see the results. So let’s look at three different survey results and how they posed their questions. The statistics […]