Meet Ryan Coffey Keaton

By: Julian Brenman ’20 The college admission process is a stressful, exciting, and overwhelming stage which almost all juniors and seniors who attend Friends’ Central go through. One of the people who keeps the process rolling smoothly for everybody by encouraging students and serving as a professional advisor and seasoned […]

Different Voices, Same Vision

By Sydney Kaplan ’18 On November 11, I attended the 3rd annual Different Voices, Same Vision Conference. Different Voices, Same Vision is a diversity conference held here at Friends’ Central that was started by Simone Gibson, a Friends’ Central alumni who graduated last year. The conference was an all-day event, […]

The Fascinating Story of Ms. Danielle Saint Hilaire

By: Julian Brenman ‘20 While most know Ms. Danielle Saint Hilaire as a dedicated and gifted teacher, few are familiar with the many fascinating journeys on which she has embarked. Ms. Saint Hilaire (or “Teacher Danielle”) joined the Friends’ Central faculty over the summer when she took on the roles […]

Dwight Dunston Gets New Role

By Julia Jones ’19 Dwight Dunston: We all have seen this friendly face around campus, but outside of being welcoming, his actual position alludes most of us. Formerly, he was the Assistant Director of Admissions, but now he has taken on a new role in the Friends’ Central community. He […]

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Meet The Harnetts

By Mia Webster ’19 Emily Harnett is the newest addition to Friends’ Central’s English department, teaching ninth and twelfth grade literature. Emily (or Ms. H) is an FCS lifer. She studied locally at the University of Pennsylvania, and, after graduating, she worked on the Friends’ Central campus for about a […]

Saleana Copeland Takes Helm of Chorus

By Lisa Green ’20 Saleana Copeland is many things— a dedicated leader, an unbelievably talented singer, a kind and supportive friend and most recently, the Upper School chorus president- a role for which she was elected for this year. Recently, I sat down with Saleana to discuss the role, her […]