Our Conversation with Jim Rutenberg

Josh Weinstein ’18 Friends’ Central hosted a career day this year on Friday, May 5th, during which many alumni came back to discuss their current careers with students in the Upper School. One of the Friends’ Central graduates who came during this day was Jim Rutenberg, class of 1987. Jim […]

Controversy Arises About 13 Reasons Why

Lisa Green ’20 A few weeks ago, I wrote a review about the Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why, and why I enjoyed it so much. However, recently the series has risen in popularity and also acquired significant controversy. The main criticism is that the show — which centers on a character […]

Mind If I Bud In?

Julian Brenman ’20 “Sorry, could you repeat that? I had my earbuds in.” Chances are, as a student at Friends’ Central, you’ve heard this phrase recited by fellow community members many times. While some love tuning out to their own beats while roaming campus, others feel it’s a distracting, isolating, and […]

13 Reasons To Watch 13 Reasons Why

Guest Writer Lisa Green ’20 Thirteen Reasons Why, based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher, is a new television show which was released on Netflix last Friday. The basic premise follows Hannah Baker, a junior in high school who commits suicide, and leaves cassette tapes behind explaining each reason, […]

To See Or Not To See: The New Beauty & The Beast

Guest Writer Lisa Green ’20  By now, you’ve all heard about Disney’s remake of the classic 1991 movie-musical, Beauty & The Beast. The original film’s enticing characters, whistle-worthy music, and heartwarming storyline captured fans from around the globe, which is why many people are concerned that it was tinkered with in […]

The Bachelor Timeline

Zoe Ginsberg ’17 Tis’ the season of The Bachelor! Here’s a timeline from Season 1 to Season 32. Season 1: The Couple Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh Post Season The first couple in Bachelor history DID NOT last! They split after nearly a year together! Season 2: The Couple Aaron […]

Dr. P’s 10 Best Films of 2016

Even though “best of” lists always come with apologies and contention, they are lists I always look forward to at the end of any year.  It’s fun to see which films make critics’ top 10s’; and I always get to either re-evaluate a film or, better, often discover films I’ve […]

Fall 2016 TV Shows Yay’s and Nay’s

Evan Paszamant ’18 Every fall TV season, numerous networks attempt to win your viewership by both creating a vast array of comedies and dramas, and creating a swarm of advertising campaigns smattered all over every media outlet. However, what ultimately wins this television competition is the quality of the show […]

Our Day at WHYY

Eliza Caisse ’18 On Friday, April 8th, teacher Monty and five Friends’ Central students had the honor of attending an all day “youth press day” conference at the WHYY headquarters. WHYY, the flagship National Public Radio station in Pennsylvania, was originally the first station in Philadelphia devoted solely to educational […]