Must-have holiday gifts according to the FCS community:

Zoe Ginsberg ’17 Hoverboard iPhone 6s GoPro Patagonia sweatshirt Fuzzy socks Stan Smiths Swell water bottle Waffle maker Pogo stick World peace Polo “lay” Rip stick Karaoke system Headphones 9th grade — an A on an English 5-paragraph essay 10th grade — an English book that’s not tragic 11th grade […]

Best Thanksgiving Dishes

Zoe Ginsberg ’17 What’s on the menu for your Thanksgiving? First, here’s a list from a sample of students from the FCS community, and second, a special list from one of our own. Top 10 Thanksgiving TDF Foods — according to the FCS community: Chocolate pie Mashed potatoes WITH butter […]

Top 11 Fall Movies

Evan P. ’18 As we get into the fall season of movie releases, many studios begin to pump out more and more movies, from Halloween and horror movies, to “based on true story” thrillers. Some of these films are great but others just didn’t do it for me. These are […]