Creative Writing

The Fallen Part 1 Preview

The Fallen Part 1 Preview: James Peterson ’17 Truth took a deep breath. The hood over his head severely impaired his vision but did not affect his hearing. He had to figure out where he was. But first, how did he get here? He remembers being in the store. The cashier […]

Collection of Poems from Poetry Club

Caroline Weaver ’18 This month’s collection from Poetry Club focuses on the idea of change (seasonal, good, bad, lack of, etc). In Poetry Club, you have opportunities to write as a group, individually in the group setting, or at home to share later at a meeting. I hope you enjoy […]


Caroline W ’18 Who?… death? who will dare cry out about the grief and noise. Decide, bend, brace, deceive. They are not immortal, life does not hold an eternal copyright. Eternal can be assaulted, attacked, Fight walks with open sides. Before the darkness hits, humming like an evening bell, yawning, putting […]