Author: Julian Brenman

FCS Athletes Don’t Take A Summer Vacation

Julian Brenman ‘20 When I think back to my not-too-long-ago summer, the moments I most treasure are the seemingly endless lazy days on the beach, leisurely walks in the neighborhood with my dog, and relaxing outside with friends. However, many of our star FCS athletes were quite productive, and a […]

10th Grade Students Prepare “Healthy” Bar-B-Que

Julian Brenman ’20 Tenth grade students enrolled in a health class taught by Mrs. Lisa Mansure and Athletic Trainer Kevin Bolton recently studied a unit on healthy lifestyle building. To conclude the unit, the students prepared and enjoyed a barbecue, cooked with natural and healthy ingredients. One student remarked: “This unit […]

Mind If I Bud In?

Julian Brenman ’20 “Sorry, could you repeat that? I had my earbuds in.” Chances are, as a student at Friends’ Central, you’ve heard this phrase recited by fellow community members many times. While some love tuning out to their own beats while roaming campus, others feel it’s a distracting, isolating, and […]

Tips For Jocks To Stay Away From The Docs

Julian Brenman ’20 Student-Athletes at Friends’ Central School are known for their dedication, hard work, and team-centered approach. All of this commitment comes at a cost, which in many cases, is injured youngsters. In fact, Stop Sports estimates American student-athletes at the upper school level account for 2 million injuries, […]

Student In The Spotlight: Kalila Jones

Julian Brenman ’20        Student in the Spotlight: Kalila Jones Kalila Jones ’19 has been a student at Friends’ Central since second grade. Many know her as sweet, creative, caring, smart, and yes, crochet-talented. Recently, I spoke with her about the art she creates, as well as her creative approach […]

A New Rae Of Light: We Welcome Ms. Esformes

Julian Brenman ’20 If you encounter a joyful new face in the hallway, don’t just walk on by. Stop and say hello to Ms. Rachel “Rae” Esformes, our new long-term history substitute. Ms. Esformes comes to Friends’ Central with an interesting and impressive history of her own. She was born […]