Author: Julian Brenman

The Fascinating Story of Ms. Danielle Saint Hilaire

By: Julian Brenman ‘20 While most know Ms. Danielle Saint Hilaire as a dedicated and gifted teacher, few are familiar with the many fascinating journeys on which she has embarked. Ms. Saint Hilaire (or “Teacher Danielle”) joined the Friends’ Central faculty over the summer when she took on the roles […]

Henry Terry Competes In National Regatta

Julian Brenman ’20 Perhaps while on vacation, you’ve experienced a recreational canoe or kayak ride. Or, you’ve had the pleasure of partaking in a motor-boat trip. Well, for rower extraordinaire Henry Terry ‘20, rowing is no leisurely vacation activity. Henry rows almost daily in lieu of participating in a traditional, school-sponsored athletic […]

New Year, New Trainer

Julian Brenman ‘20 If you aspire to get in shape, tone your muscles, start lifting weights, or achieve any other fitness goal in this new year, our new strength and conditioning trainer, Victor “Vic” Szwanki, is just the man to guide you. Vic joined Friends’ Central over the summer, and […]