By Julian Brenman ’20

Yes, it’s truly, actually, almost completed. The re-construction of the first floor of Shallcross Hall is winding down. The new floors have been completely installed, the ceiling touched up, the kitchen equipment delivered, the window trim completed, and the lighting put in. Students and teachers can expect exciting changes in their campus lives in the coming days.

The new space in Shallcross Hall will be unveiled in two stages. The first stage will occur sometime in the coming month, when the front entrance of the building will reopen, and the gallery and restroom hallway will most likely be completed as well. In addition, the new, single-stall, ADA-friendly restroom will become available for use. These developments will allow community members to access the meeting room more directly and to use the facilities without having to maneuver around the construction barrier. During this stage, construction on the dining area of the renovated cafeteria will be almost finished, which will allow special events, such as the upcoming Independent School Fair and the Senior Goodbye Luncheon, to be held in that space. However, students won’t be allowed to hang-out or eat in the new cafeteria until next year, as there will still be “punch list” work to be done, which will result in the continued, yet less invasive, presence of workmen in the cafeteria. Some of the “punch list” items that will need to be completed include light painting and the installation of some kitchen equipment and the cash register. Therefore, the Rex Gymnasium will still house food operations until the conclusion of the school year.

The second stage of the unveiling of Shallcross Hall will occur at the beginning of next school year, as over the summer, the exterior of the front entrance will be reconstructed, the choral music room will be reverted to its original splendour, and the basement will see some improvements, such as new paint, tile, and the creation of a recording studio in the former transportation office. These improvements will not only result in Shallcross Hall looking more sleek, but will allow for new, cutting-edge educational and artistic opportunities to be offered to us, as well as to future students in the years to come.

I, on behalf of FOCUS, am extremely grateful for the ongoing support that Mr. Thomas McDaniel, Mr. David Lucey, and Mr. Chris Rosenbaum have provided that made these updates possible.

Scroll down to view pictures of the construction as of midday Wednesday, April fourth.

Photo 1: A view of the almost-completed cafeteria.
Photo 2: The beautiful new bamboo trim on the cafeteria windows.
Photo 3: The new ceiling and lighting in the cafeteria.
Photo 4: A shot of the enlarged, improved gallery
Photo 5: The stunning new wall outside of the new dish room entrance.
Photo 6: The kitchen is rapidly taking form.
Photo 7: The developing doorway to the new cafeteria.
Photo 8: The new kitchen.
Photo 9: The new kitchen.
Photo 10: The new dishroom.
Photo 11: A peek behind the temporary wall that has been erected in the vocal music room.

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