By: Sydney Kaplan ’18

It is difficult to care for something semi-tangible. By “semi-tangible,” I mean something that there may or may not be physical representations of in our world that can never truly be “touched.”

One example of something that is semi-tangible is J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. There are the books, the movies, festivals, parties, merchandise, arts & crafts, fanfiction, and more. However, no matter how much Harry Potter may mean to someone, or how much one may wish they could exist in the Harry Potter universe, the Wizarding World cannot be touched or visited. It is forever just out of reach. Somehow, everything in this world that is related to Harry Potter is simply not enough for many fans. That longing for a place, for a certain way of being, can never be satisfied.

Other examples of semi-tangibility include: people who are no longer living; other stories and fictional worlds in books or movies; and even celebrities who, despite existing in our world, will likely never be within reach.

The idea for this short article crossed my mind a few months ago while I was trying to fall asleep, and I immediately jumped out of bed to write it down. I know the idea of semi-tangibility may sound strange to some, but I think it is quite interesting and worth pondering.

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