By: Leo Burman ‘20

After almost a decade of playing in the same conservative jerseys and hats, the baseball team this year will be playing in newly-designed Under Armour jerseys. Another change in the team’s attire is that they will be wearing two uniforms: one for home games, and the other for away games. Each one of the two jerseys has its own distinct look. The home jersey is split, with a solid white top and a navy blue “Phoenix” spelled across the front. The bottom of the jersey is striped light blue and navy blue. The away jersey is a solid navy blue with grey incorporated into the lettering of “Phoenix” across the front. These new jerseys have been instituted because  Friends’ Central has recently become an Under-Armour-sponsored school.

Players on the team are captivated by these new jerseys and are eager to get in them and to start performing and competing for a championship. Dane Greisiger ‘18, a Senior who is going into his fourth year as a varsity player and who is a part of the baseball leadership group, states, “I like that we got two jerseys this year and added white pants to our home uniforms. It gives us a lot more versatility. I also like that the leadership groups were included in the design of these jerseys. I think these new jerseys will differentiate us from previous FCS baseball teams and allow us to break new ground while still upholding our core values. I, personally, wished the away jerseys had stitched lettering, although I understand the printed logo gave us more design options and font types. The hats are definitely higher quality than the old ones, the new colors and fonts are really nice. That being said, there were some on the team who were upset that the hats were not flat-brimmed.”

Coach Jon Rubin is going into his fifth year as Head Coach of the Friends’ Central Phoenix Baseball program and is also content with the new jerseys. He explains,  “Every several years, teams at FCS are offered the opportunity to get new uniforms. It was our turn, and we jumped on the opportunity. It always feels good to be in new gear. The blue, away jerseys are similar to, but nicer than, last year’s uniforms. The striped home jerseys are a completely new, fun look.” When asked about the implementation of a two-jersey system, the coach responds, “Some teams at the school have had home and away jerseys, as do many of the teams that we play. One of the players in the Baseball Program inquired whether we could get home and away jerseys. When I suggested the idea to Mrs. Crowley, our AD [Athletics and Wellness Director], she was very open to the idea as long as we could do it cost effectively. We worked with her and were able to get that done. The athletic department and the school continue to be incredibly supportive of the Baseball Program at FCS. These new uniforms are just one example of the support that they provide us, and for that, we are grateful.”

As a baseball player on the team myself, I, like my teammates, am appreciative of these new uniforms. These give us an opportunity to feel good about our baseball program. They help motivate us to become better, and give us players the chance to rock the best jerseys in front of our opponents. The hats provide a little bit of a throwback vibe due to the narrow brim and high top, as the more current style is more of a flat brim. However, I am content with it. The saying, “look good, feel good, play good” certainly rings true in this situation.

Going into the new season with the new look, the baseball team will soon be heading down to The Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to compete against other schools, and more importantly, to put the jerseys to the test! Team Captain Nick Tuverson ‘18 concludes by saying, “I firmly believe these jerseys were the missing tool to give us the confidence to go out there and compete with our biggest competitor.” Let’s hope they have a positive impact on the team, and gain us the FSL championship!


  1. Outstanding article. The uniforms should make a big difference in the moral of the team. Beat of luck myrtle beach.

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