By Julian Brenman

I hate shopping. The constant trying on clothes, the endless hours spent in a windowless room, and the search for garments that fit me makes me bored, frustrated, and, yes, sometimes even nauseated. Yet, shopping is something I have to do. I need clothes. Considering the rapid rate at which I’m growing, I find myself needing new clothes every couple of months, thus resulting in my need to return to the store to “stock up” on items that fit, until of course, they become too small. This familiar cycle repeats itself.



For about the past two years, I’ve found myself on quests for clothes at Primark, an Irish-based discount clothing store for everyone, located in the King of Prussia Mall. I’ve decided to share my thoughts about Primark in Focus to let readers know about the good, the bad, and the ugly I’ve found in this store. Here we go.

The Good:


When it comes to price, Primark has an unparalleled advantage, with costs that are comparable to and perhaps a little less than stores such as Target and H&M, this store offers unbeatable deals such as $10 button-downs and $18 jackets. The list of low prices could go on and on.


One of the main strengths of the clothing at Primark is the fashion. It always has the latest styles in stock and has something for everybody. Whether your prefer colors or black, casual or dressy, chances are you will find something that tickles your fancy at Primark.

The Service

The key to shopping at Primark is to visit at the right time. Drawing from my experience, Saturday nights after eight are a great time, as well as weekdays from nine to four. During those times, there are many staff available who are very helpful. (However, if you choose to visit Primark during a busier time, such as on a weekend in the middle of the day, it is much more difficult to get help.) Moreover, returns are quite easy.

Quality of Shirts and Pants, Socks, and Belts

Many people think the quality of goods sold at such low prices has to match that lowness. However, at Primark, I’ve found this isn’t the case, at least not all of the time. For example, all of the shirts, pants, socks, belts, and jeans I have from Primark have never ripped, don’t shrink dramatically in the wash, and retain some sort of shape. I recommend purchasing such items at Primark.

The Bad:

Quality of Shoes and Jackets

I’ve purchased some shoes at Primark that I wouldn’t recommend buying. For one thing, they wear out very fast. They’ll look great for a week or so, then rapidly deteriorate into being  holy and ripped. Also, the shoes are extremely uncomfortable. According to my physician, cheap kicks aren’t good for long term foot health. He says that wearing shoes with no support or arch (like all of the shoes at Primark) can lead to long-term walking and posture issues.

I also purchased a coat from Primark a couple of months ago. It was a cool-looking, dark blue, fake fur-lined coat, but despite its fashion, its stank in the realm of practicality. The zipper stopped working within days. In addition, it didn’t really keep me that warm.


The Ugly:


If you have a lot of time on your hands, you don’t mind walking, and you and the person with whom you’re shopping have a lot of patience, Primark would be a great choice. Though anybody will be able to find something, don’t go into Primark expecting a leisurely shopping experience. I’d describe it more as “exhaustingly exhilarating.” Think the clothes store version of IKEA.

The Summary: Overall, I recommend shopping at Primark if you want to walk out with semi-high quality, fashionable, inexpensive clothes. Due to the price point, some aspects of your experience may be compromised, but I’ve enjoyed all of the clothes I have from Primark, and the next time my khakis turn into floods, I plan to return to Primark. Visit for more information about the store.

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