Gia Matika ’18

Image result for all the light we cannot seeHistorical fiction, anyone? Anthony Goerr has written All the Light We Cannot See, a masterpiece that takes place during World War II. We meet Werner, a young German boy joining Hitler’s army, and Marie-Laure, a Parisian girl who loses her sight at age 10. Goerr artfully takes us back and forth between the two points of view, every now and then connecting the stories indirectly until the very end. The stories seem to go in different directions, and include a radio, a model house, a priceless stone, and enough unique characters to keep you stuck between the pages for hours.

The book itself is long, but not boring – each page is important and memorable, and I had to buy my own copy after reading a library copy. I absolutely encourage everyone to read this beautifully written story about people, life, and the details in between.

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