Month: May 2017

10th Grade Students Prepare “Healthy” Bar-B-Que

Julian Brenman ’20 Tenth grade students enrolled in a health class taught by Mrs. Lisa Mansure and Athletic Trainer Kevin Bolton recently studied a unit on healthy lifestyle building. To conclude the unit, the students prepared and enjoyed a barbecue, cooked with natural and healthy ingredients. One student remarked: “This unit […]

Controversy Arises About 13 Reasons Why

Lisa Green ’20 A few weeks ago, I wrote a review about the Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why, and why I enjoyed it so much. However, recently the series has risen in popularity and also acquired significant controversy. The main criticism is that the show — which centers on a character […]

Mind If I Bud In?

Julian Brenman ’20 “Sorry, could you repeat that? I had my earbuds in.” Chances are, as a student at Friends’ Central, you’ve heard this phrase recited by fellow community members many times. While some love tuning out to their own beats while roaming campus, others feel it’s a distracting, isolating, and […]