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Last Tuesday night, after months of preparation, Upper School Vocal Ensembles took the meeting room stage. The concert was led by Ms. Michelle Zuckman, our incredibly talented music director & conductor, who always brings energy, fun, and dedication to every rehearsal. Ms. Zuckman was joined by everyone’s favorite assistant music director & accompanist, Miku Shiota-Rosenbaum, who inspires every student to love music. Just before taking the stage, Ms. Zuckman hit home with a comment to the student-singers: “You’ve heard and sang these songs a thousand times. But it’s everyone in the audience’s first time.” This motivation drove performers even further to give their best.

Each song brought something exciting and interesting to the table. The chorus kicked off the concert with their first set, which included Come Ye Sons of Art, a birthday song for the queen of England, meant to welcome the audience in, Simple Grace, a mashup between two classics- Simple Gifts and Amazing Grace, and Don’t Dream It’s Over, a multi-generational tune.

After that, Grace Notes, a group made up of freshmen and sophomore sopranos and altos, performed three songs- Amani, a French and Swahili song for peace, Seasons, a Springtime poem set to music, and Higher and Higher, a song full of fun.

The next piece, Everybody’s Got the Right, was brilliantly planned and executed by Evan Paszamant ‘18, and performed by a team of students in the chamber music program. Every  musical theater fan present was captivated, and thought it was unforgettable.

Following the Assassins performance, Spicetones, a host of junior and senior sopranos and altos,  sang two beautiful and heartwarming songs: True Colors, an LGBT+ anthem, and Quite, an inspirational piece performed at many Women’s marches.

It was a tough act to follow, but the tenors, baritones, and basses of the Foxtones rose to the challenge. Their two songs contrasted each other, and were both entertaining to watch and listen to. When She Loved Me was sweet and melodic, while the Star Wars Theme was funny, and an incredible use of a capella.

An enthusiastic rendition of Man in the Mirror performed by all members of Gracenotes, Spicetones, and Foxtones, completed the small group portion of the evening.

Finally, it was time for the chorus to finish the night. The last three performances were Past Life Melodies, a piece unlike anything FCS singers have ever performed, Make Them Hear You, a passionate song full of heart that is very relevant to what’s going on in the world around us, and The Lord Bless You, a powerful send off to our seniors.

Mathematics & Homeroom Teacher Mr. Greg Klein shared his thoughts with us: “The concert was really great. There were the songs I always knew and loved like True Colors and Man in the Mirror, but then I heard that song (Past Life Melodies) and thought when else would I have ever heard something like that? I think that’s exactly what a good show is about.”

It was a rewarding experience for me, as it was my first spring concert in the upper school. I realized the best thing about being in vocal ensembles is how we are a supportive community. That really sang, sorry, RANG true on Tuesday. In case you missed it, click HERE for a link to a video of the concert. If you seek photos from the concert, click HERE for the link to the digital album.
Members of the chorus perform at a recent assembly.

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