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Thirteen Reasons Why, based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher, is a new television show which was released on Netflix last Friday. The basic premise follows Hannah Baker, a junior in high school who commits suicide, and leaves cassette tapes behind explaining each reason, each incident, and each person she felt was responsible for her inevitable death. The series covers really important topics for high schoolers, like suicide, sexuality, rape, assault, bullying, and the idea that no one really knows what’s going on in someone else’s life and how one’s actions might affect someone else, just to name a few. I finished the entire series late the night before spring break ended. As I was watching, I noticed myself starting to take notes on things I wanted to remember. Not only was I captivated by each nuance in every character, but I also learned a lot more than expected. I don’t want to spoil it in case you haven’t seen it or read the book, but I can’t help myself from writing 13 reasons YOU should see 13 Reasons Why.

Image result for 13 reasons whyReason 1: Even if someone has hurt you, you should try to have empathy for everything they go through, as difficult as that may be to do.

Reason 2: Feeling lonely means different things to different people: it can be anything from a temporary feeling of loss, to feeling no one truly sees you, and many more experiences. And, everyone feels lonely at some point.

Reason 3: We love imperfectly; we rarely get it right.

Reason 4: You can never love someone back to life, literally or symbolically.

Reason 5: It’s okay to not be okay- it’s always fine to feel hurt or broken.

Reason 6: Pain is powerful- even if something seems minimal, it could be what is destroying someone else.

Reason 7: The right thing to do can change.

Reason 8: The culture of silence surrounding any essential issue can never be acceptable.

Reason 9: People who hurt others can always grow and change.

Reason 10: Consequence or conscience: lies and excuses always catch up to you.

Reason 11: We shouldn’t ever make a victim of any crime feel fear or shame when coming forward.

12: Everyone has their own version of the truth

13: Everyone has facets and layers- no one is one sided or a completely bad person. No one is awful for no reason.

Immediately after finishing 13 Reasons Why, I was stunned and speechless. The following day, throughout every class, something would take me right back to one of the riveting scenes in the show. I really hope you watch it!


  1. I’ve just finished watching the show and I am speechless. It had a big impact on me, my perspective on things, change! I love all the reasons you mentioned! 🙂

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