Julian Brenman ’20

Most people loathe needles and would do anything to avoid getting a shot at the doctor’s office. So, why did a room full of members of the Friends’ Central community volunteer to have needles inserted into their arms on Thursday, March 2nd? Well, last Thursday was the Friends’ Central bi-annual blood drive for the American Red Cross. There is a massive shortage of blood, and those who hate needles, were willing, out of the kindness of their hearts, to suffer through the pain, to ensure the health of those who need blood. The drive was successful, as 32 pints of blood were collected, which resulted in 96 lives saved.

Zoe Ginsberg ‘17, co-editor of FOCUS, and co-chair of the blood drive committee, encourages those who are eligible, to overcome their needle-phobia. “The process is really not as scary as it looks. If you are afraid of needles, think about the lives you would be helping and potentially saving. It’s worth the few minutes of being uncomfortable.” However, Ginsberg reminds us even if you want to donate, not everybody is eligible. “You must be 16 or older. There are also weight requirements, and other requirements based on travel and family history. Additionally, gay men are not allowed to donate, unless they have been celibate. Details are listed on the red cross’s website.”

Jade Helpern ‘20 isn’t yet eligible to donate, but hopes to when the time comes.  She shares, “It’s very important to donate blood, because it can help save lives, and if I have the ability to do that, it doesn’t take anything away from me, or put me in danger. Rather, it helps others.”

So, what can one little drop of YOUR blood do? Heal a person. Save a life. If you are eligible, please join us at the next blood drive.

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