Julian Brenman ’20

President Talia C. Rosenberg might well be one of the most successful student council leaders in Friends’ Central history. Over the course of her term, she has been an incredible advocate for student issues, an exemplary role model for service learning, and a passionate coordinator for a broad spectrum of activities and events. Now that her term is drawing to a close, she recently took a moment to reflect on her experience of being at the helm.

When asked what her biggest contribution to the institution was, Talia said, “I tried to keep a lot of different people at least content with their school experience. Plus, I tried to expose students to the unique and special talents of each other. I also created the email account where students could anonymously submit concerns they may have about the community.” As far as her biggest downfall, she admitted, “I regret hosting the semi-formal, because kids these days don’t love to dance, as their favorite kind of music isn’t really the type you dance to with other people in large groups.” The president certainly has her act together, yet an unforeseen obstacle even shocked Rosenberg. “I was surprised by the students’ lack of desire to attend events and assemblies, as well as to have school spirit. This is no-one’s fault; rather, just an attitude that has been built up.” Her favorite part of serving as president was “getting to know and speak to every kind of person at Friends’ Central.”

Though her time in office has been filled with highs and lows (but arguably mostly highs), Talia has great expectations for the future of FCS, “I am very excited for Amelia McDonnell to become our next president. She cares about students, and therefore will do what she can to make the year as amazing and fun as possible.” Talia admires how Amelia “stays calm but still gets things done. She doesn’t need to be loud to be effective.” Talia leaves Amelia with a few words of advice about being a school leader. “Create more of a platform for not only hearing student issues, but solving them. Put the kids in council to work. A lot of them just sit in meetings and listen, but give them jobs and get them involved. Most of all, remember you can’t please everyone, and just do the best you can with the time that you have.”

So, with that, we say goodbye and thank you to President Talia Rosenberg for all the good she accomplished. And we’ll add a “welcome” to President-Elect Amelia McDonnell, for all the good she will accomplish.

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