Julian Brenman ’20

The votes have been cast, and Amelia McDonnell has been selected by the Upper School student body to lead the community as its next student council president, starting in April. Her promising platform, sweet personality, and collaborative nature prove she is ready for office.

When asked why Amelia thinks she was elected, she ponders the question deeply. After some thought, she says, “All of the candidates would have been great choices, but my guess is my ideas just clicked with people. Also, I think my involvement in this school demonstrated my dedication and reliability.”

However, this position isn’t something the now president-elect always dreamed of. She admits, “Although I’ve always been active in student council, I had never really considered running for president. But, after some convincing from friends and receiving six nominations, I realized I wanted to lead the school forward in an attempt of more problem-solving, better relations within this school, and increased school spirit.”

From now until her formal appointment in April, the soon-to-be top dog will be absorbed in preparation for the position. In addition to formalizing her ideas, Amelia will constantly be “talking to more students and teachers, to listen to their suggestions, and discuss what they want from me. I’ll also talk extensively with Talia, Sam, Jiwei, and Matt to get some advice.” Her biggest hope is that through her role, she will “have the biggest impact on student issues and setting a good foundation of transparency and communication for the future.”

Though Amelia is awaiting her appointment, there are still some butterflies in her stomach. “I definitely have some ‘big shoes to fill,’ and succeeding Talia Rosenberg won’t be an easy task. I’m nervous about living up to all the work she’s done.” Butterflies all fly away, and the ones in the president-elects stomach have already begun to convert into excitement.

As of now, Amelia is most eager to “find out who the new vice presidents will be, so we can all start brainstorming for this next year.”  

Some hobbies of the approaching head-nut, include baking, running, watching musicals (especially The Sound Of Music), listening to music, watching non-musical movies, and dancing — just to name a few. She concludes the interview with a few last words of enthusiasm. “I’m still on Cloud 9-I’m so excited to get started!”
The picture below demonstrates the “summer lovin” side of the president-elect. She loves waves–except when they’re at our school!

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