Julian Brenman ’20

Sleeping in late, sledding, sitting by the fire, what could be more relaxing than a snow day?

Well, for Mr. Craig Sellers, Head Of School, and Chief Snow-Day-Decider, the process of determining weather or not school will be closed is anything but chill.

When word gets out that there may be inclimate weather approaching, Mr. Sellers takes many steps to decide if Friends’ Central should keep its doors open or give into mother nature. He explains, “I watch the National Weather Service and their warnings, in particular.  I also factor in very local info such as other school closings and a sense of the road conditions.”

Though Mr. Sellers always strives to make an informed decision, the pressure of the clock keeps him on his toes. “The decision needs to be made no later than 5am on the day of the storm.” When it comes to two-hour delays, Mr. Sellers “listens to our Building and Ground staff, asking them when can they have the campuses ready for students in a safe manner.  If they cannot have the campuses clear by 10am or so, I would factor that into considering another snow day.”   All this in addition to thinking about how tired he is!

Snow … sorry, I mean … So! next time we get the day off, you will know how the decision was made. Happy binge-watching!

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