Sydney Kaplan ’18

To outsiders it may just look like Stage Crew builds things, but to many, it’s much more. Sense & Sensibility, Midsummer, Infinite Black Suitcase, Pippin… Through these productions, Stage Crew has given me a voice. These shows have led me towards some of the most incredible people, and we have made beautiful things. I wouldn’t want to put on a play or musical with anyone else, because through these sets, we’ve made memories. The experiences I’ve had – I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Stage Crew is extremely close, we spend time together, we work together, and the majority of us met through crew. The sets we create – they are our art form. Its part of how we express ourselves.

Stage Crew feels like home; it’s safe. It is my home in this community, and sure, we don’t always get along. Sometimes there are disagreements, with the actors (or vice versa). However it feels incredibly heartwarming to belong somewhere. The truth is, we need each other. Crew needs actors and actors need crew. We can’t have one without the other. We have fostered these two unique, diverse groups of people – full of similarities and differences. Without actors, there would be no show. But without crew, the show could not go on. There is a palpable magic you can feel when you walk into this theater; a thrill that brings us back every time.

We all know this is high school theater, not professional theater. But it doesn’t make a difference! When we get together on that stage, assembling the set we (eventually) always come to know and love, it feels good. We work together in harmony – sometimes someone plucks the wrong string, or breaks a prop, but we push through our issues and make mistakes together. It’s a group effort. We couldn’t do it without the people with the smallest roles in the play and behind the scenes. Although at times it’s slow, there is never a dull moment in the theater. You’re always waiting for a ball to drop – both literally and physically.

These productions we put on for you – they’re more than just performances. They are our hard work and love for theater on display.

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  1. This is a beautiful letter

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