Zoe Ginsberg ’17

As the Class of 2017 prepares to enter senior project, we have some tips for our younger classmates.

  1. Maximize every day. Wake up with a purpose, a reason to go to school and have a good day. Whether it be to finally give a presentation you’ve been preparing for, or to dominate the discussion over last night’s reading for lit class. Avoid wasting study hall, and for you Juniors, use your free block for homework/and or studying.
  2. Keep smiling. There are going to be times where something really annoying happens early in your day. You might be sitting in block 1 and get a pop quiz and absolutely bomb it. TIP: Do not let that ruin the rest of your day. Instead of compounding the problem by wasting the day away, talk to your teacher about the quiz perhaps, and prepare better next time. Soon enough you will forget about that quiz
  3. Take some time for yourself. School can be overwhelming in other ways besides the work. It’s important to separate yourself from your friends and peers sometimes. It can be really relaxing and helpful to have some alone time.
  4. Let people know how you are feeling. Everyone is going to have bad days. It is much easier to voice your problems rather than keeping them in. There are a couple of reasons for this. First off, maybe one of your friends or teachers can help you with what’s bothering you, then you could move on and let it go. Secondly, when you decide to hold in your feelings, they build up. Building up negative feelings won’t do you any good. Find someone you trust, or someone you feel comfortable around, and try to talk it out with them. FCS has teachers who want to help you with others things beside your work, take advantage of that.
  5. Get ahead. Yes you have probably heard someone say this to you before, possibly a teacher or a parent, or maybe a really ambitious friend. Whomever you have heard it from, they aren’t wrong. Getting a head start on an assignment will make your life a lot easier and more enjoyable. Doing something early is a great feeling. Be sure not to rush your work, however. If you do good work the first time, than chances are you won’t have to do it again.
  6. Ask for help. At some point in your high school career, if you haven’t already encountered it, you are going to be confused. Maybe you didn’t understand the lesson on polynomial long division (I know I didn’t). Instead of skipping your homework, find your teacher, or any teacher in that department, and ask for help. Personally, I have never been turned down by a teacher for help, even teachers that I have never had before. Your teacher will see you are trying and you might actually understand the work. All it takes is walking into a room and asking for help, that’s it. We promise it pays off.
  7. Find something you enjoy. Whether it be an art, a sport, a club, etc. Find something at FCS that you appreciate. This will help you find a community within the larger community. There is nothing better than being apart of something that makes you happy. This is such a good time in your life to try new things, you will never know what you like unless you try it.
  8. Sometimes you need to let something go. There is such a thing as doing too much. When stress becomes an everyday occurrence and you are having trouble balancing everything out, you might want to consider taking something out of your schedule. We aren’t telling you to quit, but maybe you need to devote a little less time to a part of your life, and devote a little more somewhere else. This is also something to talk to a friend/parent/teacher about. There is a point where being overwhelmed and stressed all the time is unhealthy. High school shouldn’t be easy but it’s not supposed to break you down.
  9. Be kind. It is so much easier to do things with kindness. It’s sometimes hard, but it’s important to strive to be kind in all facets of your life. It will prove to be valuable, as the way you treat others will affect how they treat you.
  10. Have fun. This is four years of your life you can never do again. Try to enjoy it, open yourself up. You may not feel connected to this community. Our advice to you is to try your best to find a way to feel connected. When you feel connected it’s easier to be engaged. And once you are engaged, well then you are learning and listening. We challenge you to become an engaged member of the FCS community.

Sincerely, the Class of 2017.

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