Month: March 2017

10 Tips From Your Senior Class

Zoe Ginsberg ’17 As the Class of 2017 prepares to enter senior project, we have some tips for our younger classmates. Maximize every day. Wake up with a purpose, a reason to go to school and have a good day. Whether it be to finally give a presentation you’ve been […]

Behind The Scenes Of Snow Days

Julian Brenman ’20 Sleeping in late, sledding, sitting by the fire, what could be more relaxing than a snow day? Well, for Mr. Craig Sellers, Head Of School, and Chief Snow-Day-Decider, the process of determining weather or not school will be closed is anything but chill. When word gets out […]

She’s Got The Whole School In Her Hands…Almost

Julian Brenman ’20 The votes have been cast, and Amelia McDonnell has been selected by the Upper School student body to lead the community as its next student council president, starting in April. Her promising platform, sweet personality, and collaborative nature prove she is ready for office. When asked why […]

A Message To Stage Crew

Sydney Kaplan ’18 To outsiders it may just look like Stage Crew builds things, but to many, it’s much more. Sense & Sensibility, Midsummer, Infinite Black Suitcase, Pippin… Through these productions, Stage Crew has given me a voice. These shows have led me towards some of the most incredible people, and […]

PiPPiN: A Glorious Success

Julian Brenman ’20 On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 7, and on Saturday afternoon at 2, there was no place more lively and exciting to be than in the audience of the the Upper School winter musical, PiPPiN. The performance directed by our own Terry Guerin; music directed and […]

What Can One Little Drop Of Blood Do?

Julian Brenman ’20 Most people loathe needles and would do anything to avoid getting a shot at the doctor’s office. So, why did a room full of members of the Friends’ Central community volunteer to have needles inserted into their arms on Thursday, March 2nd? Well, last Thursday was the […]