Sophie Berger ’17

While welcoming a number of new teachers to Friends’ Central, we would love to welcome  Mike Cook back to our community. Mike Cook graduated in 2003 from FCS and went on to play basketball at the University of Pittsburgh. FCS athletics and our community have a special place in Mike’s heart. The sports here have been a major part of his life, even after he graduated high school. Mike has kept up with the FCS basketball program and is thrilled to be back on campus. Mike values how much he learned at FCS, whether it be in the classroom or on the court; all of it prepared him for his college and professional life.

Mike said that on top of aiming for a championship this year, he and Coach Tozer want to prepare the student athletes on the basketball team for college level basketball, and for life in general. Mike will be proud of the team as long as everyone is conducting themselves and representing the program the right way. Working hard is Mike’s #1 priority. With a young team, the coaches are looking forward to the challenges throughout the season.

Mike is excited to see where the athletic program is headed with Michelle Crowley in charge. He has sat down with Michelle Crowley to talk about the program and what it has to offer. When asked what he specifically wants to see in the FCS community, he said, “We are looking forward to making changes and recognizing our great alumni that have come through our basketball program. I asked students if they knew who Mustafa Shakur or Hakim Warrick was and some never heard of their names. This has to change and I am excited to work with Michelle in highlighting our great basketball legacy!”

We are excited to have him with us not only on the court but as part of the faculty as well. Welcome back Mike!

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