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Hello everyone! I’ve always been a fan of English pop songs, so I wanted to share some of my favorites! Enjoy:)


Singer: Clean Bandit


Video link:

Lyrics excerpts:

“People tell me to be cautious
People tell me not to lose my self control
People tell me to be flawless
People tell me not to let myself evolve
And I think I don’t really get it
I think it’s all just a peculiar game
And soon I’ll wake up and I’ll forget it
And everyone will know me by a different name”

Many people know Clean Bandit by their song “Rather Be.” (If you haven’t heard it yet, please check it out because it’s really a good song). This song was first recommended by one of my friends who loves electronic music. First when you hear this song, the prelude will definitely make you want to dance with the beats. It has a lively rhythm and fun lyrics. People who love dance songs will really appreciate this one!


Singer: Owl City(feat. Hanson)


Video link:

Lyric excerpts:

“It’s unbelievable
This is as good as it gets
It’s unbelievable
Don’t know what’s gonna happen next
It’s unbelievable
You haven’t seen nothing yet
It’s unbelievable, it’s unbelievable”

Remembering the past and thinking about the future? This song will definitely get your thoughts flowing.  It might even bring back some old memories and some of your childhood innocence. This song is really cheerful, starting off with a bunch of whistling, clapping, and dope beats. Make sure to check out the music video.  It brings everything together!

  1. 1965

Singer: Zella Day


Video link:


  Lyric excerpts:

“Can we go back to the world we had?
With a love so sweet it makes me sad
Can we go back to the world we had?
It’s the world we’ve been dreaming of
Can we go back to the world we had?
Cut like diamonds we were made last
Can we go back to the world we had?
It’s the world we’ve been dreaming of”

Some think this song gives them a feeling of Lana Del Rey, but in my opinion, it obviously has the style of Zella Day, which is softer and more soulful. When I listen to these lyrics, I think about a couple reminiscing about their past. Everytime I hear this song, it makes me calm down really fast.

  1. Milk Bath

Singer: Petite Meller


Video link:

Lyric excerpts:

“I’ll wait up, my clothes off, in milk bath
I’ll blow your head up with a whisper

Just wake up, and reach out
Boy won’t you play with me for real”

The only feeling I had when I first heard this song was “this is so weird”! The makeup of the singer is odd, and the music video setting is random. However, the more I learned about Petite Meller, the more I liked this song. Her voice is unique and the bright colors in the music video are actually intriguing.

5.Bad Day

Singer: Daniel Powter


Video link:

Lyric excerpts:

“’Cause you had a bad day
You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don’t know
You tell me don’t lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don’t lie
You’re coming back down and you really don’t mind
You had a bad day”

Everybody has bad days sometimes. Maybe you’re upset, lazy, tired.  Well, this song can be really helpful.The rhythm and the warm voice can easily cheer you up. It’s also encouraging and optimistic, so if you have a bad day in the next couple of weeks, put on your headphones, play this song, and make it a great day!

  1. Unique

Singer: Lenka



Video link:

Lyric excerpts:

“I like to move around to different beat
I’ll walk away then smile in my own street
And I don’t really mind when you are fake
Cuz I am me and that’s unique
I am living in my own world every day
I’m partly by myself in my own way
Might look a little funny but that’s okay
Cuz I am me and that’s unique”

Lenka is one of my favorite singers(most of her songs are really great!). As soon as I heard this song, I fell in love. It stresses that everybody has something special about themselves. “I am me and that’s unique”! The soft and lively tone of this song is also helps blow off some steam when you’re stressed out. Please check it out and see if there’s a unique you in this song!

7.Don’t Kick the Chairs

Singer: Dia Frampton(feat. Kid Cudi)



Video link:

Lyric excerpts:

“Have you ever felt like everybody’s watching
Waiting for you to lose
Have you ever felt like you’re living in a spot light
Searching for the real you
Tell me have you ever woken up
Just to wish you could close your eyes
Getting hard to find a friend in a city like this
Where you can’t even trust a smile”

At first, I liked this song just because of the tone. But after a friend told me what the name means, this song became more meaningful to me. It basically means that no matter how hard your life is and how difficult the situation you are facing, “don’t kick the chair, it’s gonna get better.”  If you are depressed and not in a good mood, why not listen to this song?

  1. Reforget

Singer: Lauv



Video link:

Lyric excerpts:

“Lost in the light
And I don’t know what night it is
You’re somewhere else I’m drinking not to guess
Blurry bodies but you’re on my mind
We let it go now I’m full of rum and regret
I go out just so I can reforget
I go out just so I can reforget”

I admit that I fell in love with this song since the first time I heard it. I played it a thousand times(just kidding) and I just can’t get tired of it. Those seven songs I recommended above, they are all pretty happy songs, but this one is different. I do not recommend to listen to this when you are sad, you might cry! This song is really cool though because of its electronic style, and the lyrics are really thoughtful.

  1. Red High Heels(红色高跟鞋)

Singer: Tanya Chua(蔡健雅)



Video link:

Lyric excerpts:(translated by CFensi)

“你像窝在被子里的舒服 You want to be nestled under the comforts of the covers

却又像风捉摸不住 Yet like the wind can not be grasped
像手腕上散发的香水味 Like the scent of the perfume dispersed on the wrist像爱不释手的红色高跟鞋 Like love red high-heels that can’t be let go
爱你有种左灯右行的冲突 Loving you has a left ramp right walkway type of conflict
疯狂却怕没有退路 Crazy yet fearing there is no going back
要怎样拉近我们两的世界 How to pull closer our two worlds?
让爱终于能找到一个永恒的空间 Let love finally find an eternal place
你能否让我停止这种追逐 Can you let me stop this type of chase
找到那双最后唯一的红色高跟鞋 to find that last pair of red high-heels”

Let me do a brief introduction here. This song was composed and sung by Tanya and was issued in 2009 as the theme song for the movie called “Call For Love II”. I like this song basically because it makes me comfortable by just looking at the lyrics. It describes a girl’s little thoughts when loving a boy and the conflict between getting to know him and keeping that in mind. The voice of Tanya is also warm-hearted too.

  1. Gentleman(绅士)

Singer: Jacky Xue(薛之谦)


Video link:

Lyric excerpts:


Sorry guys I didn’t find the translated version of the lyrics. But just listen to the rhythm you will love this song. Jacky is getting more and more popular in China recently. Most of his songs are composed by himself which is also another reason why he has so many fans. This is one of his hottest songs. If you like this one, then you won’t want to miss the others.


The first English songs I heard and learned was “The Show” by Lenka.

Thank you so much for looking at my list! Hope you all find some pieces that you like! Feel free to email( me if you have something to recommend or just some feedbacks. Always have a good day with music:)

*PS:All lyrics and images are from Google. Thanks!

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