Robbie Winward ’17

FCS boys varsity soccer had a good run in the Friends’ League. Not only has their league play been on-point, but they have beaten top out-of-league opponents like Malvern and Penn Charter. Nolan McGrann has the pleasure of watching the offensive side of the team when he is not diving and jumping to save shots. Nolan McGrann is the cute, tall, goalie and captain for the FCS boys soccer team. Although he wouldn’t admit it, much of the team’s success can be credited to him for protecting the goal. Nolan started his high school career as a swing player, playing mainly for JV. Now he is the best goalie in the Friends League and is hoping to bring his skills to a college team.

When asked about his growth as a soccer player, Nolan reminisced about his first varsity scrimmage as a freshman. “I was scared out of my mind” stated McGrann. “It felt like I was playing with and against grown men.” Things have changed in the past 3 years, and now McGrann is “confident” and “comfortable” in net. However, Mcgrann can’t help but bring all of his success back to his teammates stating, “the most important thing is the bond and friendship I have with my defense. I’ve known these guys for four years and this familiarity with each other has helped alot.”

With all this growth, Nolan has had tremendous success and many worthy memories. “One of my favorite memories,” McGrann says,“ was the P.K shoot-out against George School. It went right down to the end and I was able to help my team with crucial saves.”

McGrann’s humility makes him a lovable and noteworthy teammate. He credits most of his success to his teammates and coach but his determination, work-ethic, and results prove Nolan to be a very talented soccer goalie. We want to wish Nolan and the entire boys soccer team good luck as they take on the rest of their competitors.



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