Julian Brenman ’20


Though many of us neglect to admit it, the weather has gotten colder, and fall is here to stay. For many people, the change in the air may bring dismay. However, below you will find a list of eight ways to make the best of this beautiful season.

  1. Take a hike

Though the weather is cooler than it was a couple of weeks ago, and activities such as swimming may be out of the question, fall provides a wonderful opportunity to extend the outdoor recreation season. Just be sure to bring a sweatshirt or light jacket, and enjoy a nice brisk hike along a creek! A visit to Rolling Hill Park, or Saunders’ Woods Preserve, both only about 15 minutes away from school, can provide a great chance to enjoy a spectacular view of the the changing colors of the leaves.

2) Pumpkin spice? That sounds nice!

Throughout the fall season, all WAWAs are offering an array of pumpkin-flavored beverages. This is the perfect way to taste this fabulous season! Click here for a link to the stores’ autumn inspired menu, and be sure to stop by the old ´WA to get a sip soon.

3) Speaking of spice…add some to your living environment.

The fall season warns us of the upcoming cold weather, when we will probably be spending most of our time inside. Therefore, to prepare, consider SPICING up your room or area. Modifications can be as large as painting a wall a different color, or as small as putting up a new poster. Regardless, these are ways to change our spaces, which always provides a new perspective. Click here for more easy ideas on how to modify your room on the cheap.

4) For we younger students …

Trick or treat! Some people may argue it’s lame at the high school level. However, especially for 9th and 10th graders, take advantage of trick-or-treating for as long as you possibly can.  Afterall, not much is better than dressing up with friends, and getting free candy!  

5) And for the older students…

Who think trick-or-treating is too amature, click here to go to a website where you can buy tickets to the scariest haunted houses in the Philly area. You will surely exit those places a much more timid person!

6) Join a new club

An advantage of it being the beginning of the school year, is that many clubs haven’t gotten fully in the groove yet. Therefore, these next couple of weeks are the time to register for a new club if you haven’t already. Click here for a list of the clubs the school offers.

Side note: FOCUS could always use more members!

7) Be aḾAZEd…by corn!

Nothing screams fall more than getting lost in a corn-maze. After visiting this farm, just an hour away from school, that offers A-MAZING corn mazes, the only thing you will be screaming is “I am lost!”

8) Hey, ride!

Though it takes about 45 minutes to get there, you will forget all about it once you are on a hayride at this great farm! The ride concludes with a bonfire, and is an autumn experience not to miss. Click here to go to the website of the farm to get more information. Click here for directions from school.

9) Carve a pumpkin, dumplin´!

Pumpkins are available at almost any supermarket, and are tons of fun to carve into jack-o-lanterns. Click here for jack-o-lantern inspiration.

Overall, summer has come and gone, but I hope this list brings to your attention the wonderFALL things about autumn, too!

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