Month: April 2016

FCS Baseball

Robbie Winward ’17 The sun is out and the smell of baseball is in the air. If you’ve heard the leather clap of a glove or metal cleats on the pavement, you know baseball season is here. Although not meeting its own expectations last year, the FCS varsity baseball team […]


Josh Benjet ’16 The news cycles have been inundated with coverage of the primaries going on around the country. What the primaries come down to is a giant math problem to get the nomination for president. Both the Republicans and Democrats have different ways of holding a primary and every […]

Last Minute Prom Dress

Nicole Pollack ’17   Prom dress shopping is stressful for us all. Finding the perfect dress, choosing shoes to match, and getting your hairstyle and makeup just right are all as scary as they sound. If you found a dress that you love but it doesn’t quite love you back […]

Where To Go: Theme Parks

Evan Paszamant ’18 When I think of summer I think of a few things. I think of no school, warm weather, hanging out with friends and family and on the top of that list, visiting theme parks. Along with many others, I wait anxiously for the spring/summer theme park season. […]