Robbie Winward ’17

Ever heard of twin telepathy? It is defined as the supposed process of communicating through means other than the senses, as by the direct exchange of thoughts or senses between twins. Though never proven scientifically, there are too many strange occurrences twins face to discard this idea. Some may think twin telepathy is nonsense, but after talking with a few sets of twins on campus, I wouldn’t completely rule it out as a possibility.  

Hayden and Hannah Posencheg, identical twins in 11th grade, say they’ve had some weird moments where they’ve experienced telepathic or uncanny interactions. When asked if they believe in twin telepathy, Hannah responded, “We think it depends on the twins. We have definitely had some strange moments that could be seen as telepathy, but we are not positive.” I then asked if they could remember any unique stories that could be seen as telepathy. “A lot of the times, when one of us is listening to a song, the other one will come in singing the same song, having no idea that the other [twin] was listening to it,” explained Hayden.


Miss Mazullo has really good friends who are identical twins and she experienced a dramatic experience with them. It was about 23 years ago when Miss Mazullo and one of the twins, Mary, were on vacation together at the shore. Mary woke up in the middle of the night with severe pains in her stomach. They were so bad that she almost had to go to the hospital. Gradually they were less intense and Mary was able to go back to sleep. The next morning they discovered that Mary’s identical twin had been in labor overnight and had given birth to a baby boy! Why had Mary experienced that incredible pain? Was it a coincidence or an obvious sign of twin telepathy?


Sophomores, Michelle and Miles Meline, are not sold on the idea of twin telepathy. “There are definitely times when my sister and I are completely amazed with each other because of random coincidences,” says Miles. However, he makes it clear he is unable to read Michelle’s mind on cue. Miles states, “All this stuff happens accidently.” By “stuff,” Miles is referring to instances where he and his sister “steal words out of eachother’s mouths without thinking about it,” or, finding it “almost impossible to lie to one another.” At the end of our conversation Michelle said, “Maybe there is twin telepathy; maybe it just happens unconsciously or accidentally.”

Jenni Punt, biology teacher, has ideas on this topic as well. “It is hard to imagine, but not impossible.” She sees it as a cool idea. “It would take a critical scientist to find the right way in.” She explained two levels of telepathy, the first being behavioral. “You are alert to each other’s emotional state,” says Jenni. She calls this “behavioral telepathy”, or “emotional telepathy.”  We see examples of this in dogs, explained Jenni. Dogs are “able to pick up emotional cues, they are able to see if you are sad or happy.” This idea is more towards the romantic side of science. The second idea Jenni explains, relates to “brain signals;” however, currently, she is “not positive if we can receive brain signals.” Overall, Jenni has doubt when it comes to Twin telepathy. However, she is always excited for new findings.

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