Faria Rehman ’17

Whether it’s your first winter at FCS or your tenth, it’s common knowledge that going to school on an open campus can be a real pain from about November to March. So, to stay warm and cozy while running from class to class, here are some winter hacks guaranteed to help you out.

1. Don’t have waterproof boots to wear? After putting on socks, slide your feet into Ziploc bags and seal them shut before putting your shoes on. So, even if there is a fire drill on cold, soaking wet grass, your feet will stay toasty warm all day.

2. Use Chapstick on dry and cracked hands to smooth them out and prevent them from peeling and bleeding.

3. Old, one-size-too-small Christmas sweaters? Use them as the pattern for cozy mittens instead. Or, cut off the sleeves and use them as leg warmers under a pair of boots.

4. Pick up a pack of hand warmers ($7 for a pack of 10 on Amazon!) and keep a couple in your coat pockets throughout the school day. Each hand warmer stays hot for up to ten hours, and every time you stick your hand in your pockets, these little balls of heat will warm you right up.

5. If you’re one of the juniors parking out on 69th (or even a senior on campus!), park your car facing east in the morning (finally, a use for the iPhone Compass app). Direct sunlight will keep your windshield warm, and will prevent any ice from forming.

6. Open your curtains as soon as you wake up in the morning. It may sound like common sense, but letting the sunlight into your room during the day, then coming home and closing them before it gets dark is an easy way to keep your room warm and cozy through cold winter nights.

7. Wear tights under a pair of jeans. They’re thin enough to not change the fit, but at the same time, they’ll add an extra layer of heat throughout the day.

8. Get a knit headband. They’re about $10 from a street vendor in Philly, they keep your ears warm, and you can get away with wearing them indoors.

9. Swap out your morning caffeine for a cup of hot water with ginger and lemon. Boil up a pot of hot water, throw in a piece of ginger, and squeeze half a lemon in. It’ll keep you warm all day and is the perfect cure for a cold.

10. Learn how to work your ceiling fan settings. Most fans have a setting that allows them to spin backwards on a low setting. This recirculates hot air close to the ceiling back down to the floor, and it’ll warm your room right up.

11. Bonus hack, and shout out to Martha Stewart for this one: Nutella hot chocolate. Combine 1 ½ cups of milk and ⅓ cup of Nutella in a small saucepan. Bring it to a simmer over medium high heat, and whisk it until smooth. Split into mugs and add whipped cream if desired, and bam, a delicious, Nutella-y winter treat.

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