Month: December 2015

Diverse Books Conference

Josh Benjet ’16 On Sunday November 15th Friends’ Central hosted a diverse literature conference. The focus was on books with main characters that are underrepresented in young adult literature. There were two main panels:  Moving Pat “girl” books and “boy Books: Representing the Rainbow and Writing Our World: The Author’s […]

Collection of Poems from Poetry Club

Caroline Weaver ’18 This month’s collection from Poetry Club focuses on the idea of change (seasonal, good, bad, lack of, etc). In Poetry Club, you have opportunities to write as a group, individually in the group setting, or at home to share later at a meeting. I hope you enjoy […]

Must-have holiday gifts according to the FCS community:

Zoe Ginsberg ’17 Hoverboard iPhone 6s GoPro Patagonia sweatshirt Fuzzy socks Stan Smiths Swell water bottle Waffle maker Pogo stick World peace Polo “lay” Rip stick Karaoke system Headphones 9th grade — an A on an English 5-paragraph essay 10th grade — an English book that’s not tragic 11th grade […]

The Flag Controversy

Talia Rosenberg ‘17 Due to recent attacks in Paris, Facebook has started a new setting where users can change their profile pictures to appear behind a faded version of the French flag. This shows support for France as they go through a very difficult time in their country’s history. Over […]