Month: November 2015

Best Thanksgiving Dishes

Zoe Ginsberg ’17 What’s on the menu for your Thanksgiving? First, here’s a list from a sample of students from the FCS community, and second, a special list from one of our own. Top 10 Thanksgiving TDF Foods — according to the FCS community: Chocolate pie Mashed potatoes WITH butter […]

Fall TV: Where Is It Now?

Evan Paszamant ’18 We all have our select group of TV shows that we watch on a weekly basis.  We also have a group of TV shows that we will watch on and off, or we have to watch all the episodes that we’ve missed a month after they’re released. […]

Pour Madame

Sara Thal ’16 I don’t believe I can truly capture in one piece of writing the spirit of Rochelle Ostroff-Weinberg (or Madame, to all in the FCS community). Even if I could use all the pages of the books the French classes read in a single year, from French I […]

Outdoor Adventure Club

Annabelle Harden ’17 I have always had a great passion and love for the outdoors and anything to do with it.  I am greatly appreciative of any time when I am able to get outside and explore the world.   Typically the summer is when my adventuring happens… I love […]

Teacher Profile: Monty

Madeleine Coss and Julia Amsterdam ’16 Teacher Monty graduated from Amherst College and, before FCS, he taught English at Kensington Creative and Performing Arts School in Philadelphia.  Now you can see him teaching English in room 23 of the Main Building! FOCUS is welcoming Teacher Monty a little late; however, […]