Month: October 2015

Top Myths About Junior Year

Nate Guerra ’16 The history paper is not the end of the world. Starting in January, the junior class at Friends’ Central embarks on a four month long journey on how to research and write a ten page long research project. By the end of January, the first assignment is […]

How to Take the Best Notes

Eliza Caisse ’18 and Caroline Weaver 18’ In general, when taking notes in any class there are a few easy things you can do to stay organized. It’s always important to label your notes for that day, and also clearly writing the date can help when you go back to […]

Sense and Sensibility

Evan Paszamant ’18 What to do, what to do? The weekend is approaching and you’re looking to do something fun and relaxing. You are taking a break from the chaos, stress and time consuming work of the school week and finding something exciting to do that doesn’t involve the words […]

Review: Terror Behind the Walls

Evan Paszamant ’18 A PRISON COMES TO LIFE Terror Behind the Walls Celebrate 25 Years of Fear Halloween time is here once again which means that the Philadelphia area haunted houses are open, ready to feed off of your screams (and cash). However, you always have that same tricky decision […]

Ms. Heather Petrie: A Very Kind Soul

Zoe Ginsberg ’17 Most people know Ms. Petrie because her office is in Main and she works closely with Mr. McFarlane and Mr. Hall. Ms. Petrie helps with many of the behind the scenes things that keep Friends’ Central humming. She has been at FCS for 12 years now, and […]

Phoenix in the Fast Lane

Nicole P. ’17 and Maddi M. ’17 Zoe Ginsberg has been on the the Friends’ Central Varsity tennis team since 9th grade. She has been playing tennis since she was in second grade and has  continued to work on her game ever since so that she could improve her skills […]


Josh B. ’16 There is something fun about playing with 2000 degree glass that has the consistency of honey. You can make almost anything glassblowing. The process always starts the same way with a gather of glass on a metal rod, called a punty, from a furnace that is 2240 […]

Fall Trends

Caroline W. ’18 Stomp Boots One thing that has been popping up this year are black “stomp” boots. Most commonly seen with a height of right around the ankle, these shoes make a perfect transition from autumn to winter. They can be worn bare legged, with tights or knee socks. […]

Phoenix(es) in the Fast Lane

Robbie W. ’17 Coming off of a shaky season last year, the boys varsity soccer team has improved significantly. This would not have been possible without more impactful players on the field. New to the team this season, Carson Lonner, Liam Sullivan, Ingram Dillingham, Lucas Mcgrann, and Miles Johnson are […]

More Campus Confessions

One time a boy asked me to be his girlfriend.  I was so excited that when I went to hug him I accidentally punched him in the face.  Somehow he still wanted to date me even after that.   During my double frees I go home and take naps. source: […]