Caroline W ’18

Who?… death?

who will dare cry out about

the grief and noise.

Decide, bend, brace, deceive.

They are not immortal,

life does not hold an eternal copyright.

Eternal can be assaulted, attacked,

Fight walks with open sides.

Before the darkness hits, humming

like an evening bell, yawning,

putting people to sleep.

Darkness, goddess of witchcraft.

Alternative meanings carried aloft

by the parts of the mind.

Stitching up, sewing together.

Taking away everything;

remorse: pity

nature, feelings.

The effect and its consequence.

A bitter fluid against evil,

Although the spirits are real,

they are invisible.

Wait for something to go wrong in

nature; think, dense, darkest, murkiest.

The future in this instant,

Greatness in the present moment.

Look at the time.

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