Month: September 2015

New Teacher Profile: Ms. Helwa

Talia R. ’17 Ms. H, one of our youngest new teachers this year, happens to have a most interesting perspective at the start of her first year at Friends’ Central. Her time here so far has surprised her. At her last job, she worked at a charter school in North […]

Fall Into Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Madeleine C. ’16 With fall approaching, some people think about Halloween, some may think about the changing leaves, but it’s hard to ignore the seasonal changes in the Starbucks menu: the Pumpkin Spice Latte. To start fall on a spicy note, Natasha and I decided to make our own Pumpkin […]

Getting Re-Focused

Natasha G ’16 & Elizabeth R ’16 Welcome to the Quakefeed! As we start off our last year at Friends’ Central, we wanted to slightly re-focus FOCUS. The FOCUS staff will be working on publishing a magazine while writing content for the Quakefeed. This site is meant to mirror Buzzfeed […]


Caroline W ’18 Who?… death? who will dare cry out about the grief and noise. Decide, bend, brace, deceive. They are not immortal, life does not hold an eternal copyright. Eternal can be assaulted, attacked, Fight walks with open sides. Before the darkness hits, humming like an evening bell, yawning, putting […]

A Presidential Welcome

Sam V ’16 Fall might be my favorite time of year. I used to await summer with such intense anticipation, but following the extreme heat this year, I’ve decided to look forward to another season. I enjoy fall because of the burnt rose- colored leaves and the daily custom of […]

“Dear Pluto”

Video: Amelia O-B ’16 Watch “Dear Pluto” written and performed by Friends’ Central’s Amelia Orzech-Boscov. This amazing and very relatable piece is a must-see for high schoolers and generally people everywhere. Check it out below: